All dog lovers know that the love they give us is completely unconditional and we have no choice but to learn from them cause they are undoubtedly our best companions. 

I believe that if humans practiced a little of the “dog recipe” for love and friendship this world be a better place.

Still, connections are important and can’t be forced; and just like it feels when you meet someone in life that you don't quite vibe with, in my experience the same thing can happen with dogs. Not just because you own a pet, does it mean that you actually have a connection with them. A real connection is important for a successful relationship which does not just apply to human relations.

Bina and I have lived together for 15 years and I feel that her Bday is a perfect moment to share my approach towards our relationship and why I believe it has been successful:

1. When you are in a search for a pet, keep in mind “that special connection” I was talking about just a second ago. When you find the "right one” you will feel they belong to your family from that moment on. I believe it has nothing to do with looks, breed, etc. but with destiny.

2. Be affectionate with your dog right form the beginning and make them feel safe in your arms. This will build a trustful relationship between both of you and trust is just as important in a pet as in human relations. Also make sure to set boundaries from a young age as well, it's important for them to know what you’re ok with and what you are not from the start. Remember dogs used to be wild animals and YOU must be the dominant figure or they will take advantage if they feel they are the dominant one. 

3. Be patient! Educating them to go potty in the right places always takes a while, and being rough with them helps but violence is not needed. There is a thin line between being strict and scaring your pet to get them to do something. They absorb everything that you are, positive and negative so keep in mind how you treat them as they will evolve into mimicking you in a “dog way.”

4. Feed them as healthy as possible. I know its comfortable to feed them only dog food but, in my opinion it is not ideal. I always try to mix it with real meat and veggies, as well as fruits. Test your dog and see what kind of things they like. This helps to keep their diet alkalinized and trust me, just like us, what they eat will influence the health of your pet.

5. At some point in the day they’ve got to feel you value them and they are important to you. Just like us, they need attention. They also get fed up of staying all day in the same place, so if you can try and integrate them into your daily plans. This will make them so happy and they will become a more social dog.

6. Massage them! This relaxes them and they start to feel more peaceful. This will also make them more receptive to human love.

7. Let them sleep, they actually need more time of sleep than us, so try to set up a few beds around the house. This lets them choose where they want to rest.

8. Many dogs can’t leave the house without a leash, and even though in the US this is part of the parks rules, I much rather have them without it. If you train them to be without a leash when they are puppies, they can roam without guilt, you will feel something very special when they respond to your call and have certainty that you are who they will stay with for the rest of their life without having to run away. 

If you like my tips please share them and write me your stories about your experiences with your dog.

I leave you with a video made in celebration to Bina’s 15th BDay:

Also check out the photos we took while hiking in Malibu, CA HERE


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