The end of November is here, as we are all trying to stretch the end of the year and get as much done as possible. Well, celebrating Thanksgiving brings a lot more to the table, than the amazing food.

We say «thank you» all the time, but do we really understand the healing power of true gratefulness?

Here's a fact that will blow your mind:

Being thankful actually reduces stress in over 20%

Being grateful is a magical emotion that can change your life. So get in shape following these simple tips:

1. Stay positive.

It's such simple concept, yet hard to grasp. There are tons of things that make us feel uncool, but remember: the energy that we put out there shapes our reality.

2. Don't criticize so much.

No matter what happens in the following days, try to embrace everything around you, while finding beauty in all you see. You will find beauty even in the most unexpected places, people and things. Focus on that, rather than in what you don't like.

3. Look at your life in a different perspective. 

Take a moment to compare your life with all who are less fortunate than you. This is a sad exercise, but much useful! We tend to prioritize all the negative aspects of our life while forgetting that we are in fact, very lucky in so many ways.

4. Try new food.

Although Thanksgiving are well known all over, you may find something interesting that you have never tried before. It will open up your senses!

5. Put together an interactive thanksgiving exercise.

Right before dinner, organize a little game with all your loved ones as you all sit around the table. Start with yourself and express the things you are thankful for. Then, ask everyone else to do the same, one at a time. Trust me, you will all experience a joyful, emotional, and bonding moment.

Have a blast this long weekend! Happy Turkey Day and THANK YOU for reading these lines.